600km Reconnaissance Notes

With just under two weeks to go, we can now say that the 600km has been ridden. And what a ride it was!

We would love to tell you about the nature of the route; where the time sinks are, where it flattens out, how to make up a little time, which bits will mess with your head, where the shops and pubs are and their respective opening times, and which bus shelters to consider, but we are not going to.

That ride was James’s adventure. He didn’t have this information before hand, and the ride was all the better for it. As such, we feel that this should be your adventure and we wouldn’t want to spoil it for you! If you can still talk after you finish the 600, then James will happily tell about the highs and lows of his ride over a beer.

However, we do want you to have a safe ride. James’s notes below regarding surface conditions applie to the 600, fast and slow 400 & 300km routes as well as some of the 200km routes.

“The surface alongside the Claerwen Reservoir is as previously discussed. However, do watch out for sharp, flat gravel as pictured above. It doesn’t seem much, and it isn’t but I suffered another slashed sidewall on this section. This time on a Hutchinson Overide 38c tire. It nearly ended my ride! Don’t get to carried away with your speed on the fun bits! Yes, I was going to fast”.

“NCN 818, from the Cwmystwyth valley heading towards Llangurig is still in poor condition. However, the steep decent down to the stream after the first climb is now worse than last year. There is gravel on what remains of the tarmac strip, and in places there are significant ‘holes’. When I say hole, I mean ‘ride ending hole’. If you go down one of these at speed, it’s going to hurt!, a lot! Please keep your speed in check on this decent and call the holes if your riding in a group”.

“NCR 82 is as last year. The most technical sections of all the routes are found on the wide open decent towards Dolgellau. It would be easy to get carried away, let the speed build up and quickly find yourself in trouble. Remember, most people will not be riding mountain bikes” and remember that hydraulic brakes are only as good as your tires. 

“Sections of the 600, 400 & 300 routes traverse beautiful, narrow, very step lanes that just call out be ridden fast! Many have a good deal of surface litter, tight corners and sheep. Just be careful, especially if it’s wet and you have rim brakes”. 

Enjoy your rides. And see you for a beer at the end!

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  1. Pleased to see you finished, James. We met just after you had suffered your “set back” at Claerwen. Respect for a massive ride.

    1. Hi there. Yes I decided to ride on and see how the tire held up and it held up just fine. Hope you had a good time on the rest of your ride.

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